Artist Support

Our Mission

To preserve and enrich the cultural heritage for generations to come.   

The Subramaniam Foundation is helping an ecosystem of music educators & artists. Through LGMF collaborations we have been promoting & supporting many artists for three decades now.

We have also brought in specific collaboration with iconic singers, dancers, and actors from different genres to create a unique art form that combines artistic expression on a magnitude never seen before.

Senior in-need artist have been benefitted through financial & artistic support through out the years.

For some of the promising international students learning music, special scholarship (which includes travel, boarding, lodging) has been arranged.

During pandemic of 2020, we took a whole new approach to financially support some of the talented artists through fundraising concerts complete on virtual platforms.

We are at works, on future projects to continue our extremely important mission to support artists.

Our Impact:

We have presented iconic artists from around the world for the past three decades and created special collaborative projects to create peace and harmony. We have also created opportunities for Indian music & culture globally through LGMF.
We are on a mission to help artists, music educators, students. Come be part of this.
Let’s create a future generation with a holistic approach to life by including music & culture for a better world.